Each year, Toomey’s Kids hosts a trip to a local bowling alley for all of the classes we sponsor. The bowling alley is kind enough to reserve the lanes for a “Private Party” so that our kids can take over the entire bowling alley. As the parking lot fills with school busses, the bowling alley fills with over 250 excited special needs children and their teachers and aides.

This is a chance for the kids to socialize with friends who may have moved on to other classes or schools while they are also getting practice for their coordination and motor skills. Even the children in wheelchairs get to participate as Toomey’s Kids has provided specialty metal stands which allow them to send the ball down to lane while seated in their chairs.

The bowling alley has movie screens set above the far end of each lane and music videos from the kids’ favorite artists are going full time. Groups sing along with their favorites while they wait their turn to bowl. And of course there’s always time to line dance or do the electric slide.

After several hours of bowling, it’s time to enjoy a lunch of hot dogs, fries and a soft drink compliments of Toomey’s Kids. Some classes choose to relax in the lounge, while others can’t bear to leave the lanes and continue to bowl while they eat.

All of this gives these special needs children a chance to practice the social and life skills they will need after they leave the protective school atmosphere.

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