With Horry and Georgetown Counties lining up along the South Carolina coast, water activities are high on everyone’s list. Every year, Toomey’s Kids takes high school classes of special needs children to the Garden City Pier for a morning of ocean fishing. This is a great activity for everyone, even the students in wheelchairs, as they can help the volunteers bait their hooks and they have no trouble reeling in their catch. The students love pulling in the different types of fish, and since we throw them all back in, they get excited over every catch, even the tiny fish.

The teachers coordinate their lesson plans with the fishing trip so that it is a teaching opportunity as well as a chance to learn socialization skills.

After a morning of fishing, we all go to a restaurant for a buffet lunch. This is another opportunity for the teachers to work with the students on their skills for functioning in life situations. It’s also a chance for students from different schools to socialize and share their experiences about the day.

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